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[ 8 ] April 13, 2010 |
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I love the singer Pink. I love her attitude. I love her songs. This song used to remind me of one of my best friends, Angela. Lately it has been reminding me of myself. I have never been compared to Brittney Spears, I did not date my teachers and at least one of my parents didn’t hate me, but you all will get the gist.

My favorite line is “I’m a hazard to myself. Don’t let me get me. I’m my own worst enemy. It’s bad when you annoy yourself. So irritating. Don’t wanna be my friend no more.” Yep, kind of how I’m feeling lately. Plus I am so busy, I don’t know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt. I am that busy. But I can never seem to accomplish anything as of late. Not completely. I have 50 things in progress right now.

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  1. Heather says:

    girly you need to make yourself a to do list and write A, B, C beside things to denote priority and then get em done. I hate that overwhelming feeling!!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..The Calgary Childcare Conundrum =-.

    • Shan says:

      I know. I try. The The Diva takes my notepads. No joke. I can’t keep anything paper/list-wise that doesn’t have some doodle of hers on it.

      I need organization. Can I nominate myself for Clean House? I’d love some new furniture and awesome organization that I don’t have to do myself… 😛

  2. Hang in there. We are big pink fans here. My son sings so what quite reguarly. think that maybe his next video appearence. I get what you are saying about busy. chin up. big hugs it will get better.
    .-= sarah @caiafa craziness´s last blog ..Autism Tattoo =-.

  3. We are all there at some point in time. Will keep you in my thoughts.
    .-= Karen – Stillmagnolia´s last blog ..A Walk to Remember – Down Memory Lane =-.

  4. I like Pink too. Just wish she’d tone down the profanity in her songs since my daughter likes to listen to her too.
    .-= Drugstores Online´s last blog ..Weight Loss Online =-.

  5. Ladystyx says:

    I so feel like this most days….
    .-= Ladystyx´s last blog ..YAY! Glee’s back! =-.

  6. Victoria says:

    You are TOO BUSY!! I am sending support-vibes your way!!

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