Who Is The World’s Greatest TV Dad?

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Have you heard about the World’s Greatest TV Dad contest hosted on ManOfTheHouse.com? This contest pits our favorite TV dads against each other head to head competition and it’s your votes that will crown the all time greatest TV Dad. It’s really quite fun and since June 19th is Father’s Day, what better way to get in the groove than a contest to see who is the best loved TV dad? I grew up in the 80’s, a time when family sitcoms were still pushing boundaries and the remnants of the hippie era were the ones in charge of programming. The 80’s were a rare mix of  burgeoning acceptance of everyone, Women’s lib still thinking they had to be militant to get heard, women wearing power suits with giant shoulder pads – essentially what a man would wear to the office if he was a woman – and aging hippies coming to the realization that they had now become part of the establishment they fought so hard against a few years before. A prime example of art imitating life is the character Steven Keaton {played by Michael Gross} from Family Ties:

He and his wife were full on peace and love hippies in the 60’s who settled down, got married {very establishment}, had three kids and got real jobs. They went to UC Berkley where Elyse became an architect {creative, but still an establishment career} and Steven became the manager of a public TV station, WKS-TV in Ohio {less of an establishment career, but still}. Their children, for the most part, did not embrace their parents’ liberal, hippie ways. Alex was über conservative, Mallory was materialism at it’s finest and the youngest, Jennifer, was just your average tom-boy…until puberty hit. And it was a great show.

See? I told you that former hippies were in charge of programming in the 80’s. 😀 I had a great dad. He was not perfect but he was pretty awesome. Sadly, he died of cancer in November of 1992. I still miss him to this day. I hate that The Diva will never know him. He was a really cool Granddad as well. It makes me very sad that she cannot have the same experience with her Grandpa that my brother’s son did. But my husband does a pretty good job as the fun, silly dad, although, he is sometimes far more lenient than I allow. We are working on that. So who is it? Who do you think should win? The character of Steven Keaton showed America that it was OK for a man to show emotions and be loving to his kids. I liked that and that is why he is my choice for World’s Greatest TV Dad. Go vote. A lot. It’s very fun.

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  1. LadyStyx says:

    Good choice. I met the actor once at one of the scifi/comic conventions my hubby likes to go to. Of all the people I met that day, he was my favorite. He was pleasant and genuinely glad to sit and talk with us. Then again, it was his very first convention and he didn’t have nearly the line that everyone else had so I wouldn’t be surprised if that had anything to do with it.
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