In Like A Flaming Sequestered Lion And Out Like A…Oh Who The Hell Knows!

[ 2 ] March 1, 2013 |

It’s March 1, 2013, which is my 42nd birthday. I was happy this year because no one in my Husband’s family had died in February, so no funeral on my day this year. WOOT! I thought this was going to be a good one. Then three things happened:


Obama and Congress are locked in a perpetual pissing contest over the budget and since NO ONE seems to have the ability to compromise, us peasants are getting screwed. Although the president says he wants to work with both sides of the aisle, he’s been out on a fear mongering tour since last week, when he should be in Washington finding a way for Democrats and Republicans to work together for the good of our country.

But noooooooooooooo!

He’d rather go on a national tour, spouting hate and further dividing our country along socioeconomic lines.

The sequestration that will bring about huge job losses and raise prices on everything we need to survive commences on my birthday.

And although Obama is actively campaigning against this even happening, he is the one who ordered it in the first damn place! Can we say “cannot take responsibility for his own actions”?

Just when I thought I could make a clean getaway…


The damn Publishers Clearing House dude lied to me again and failed to bring me the giant check he’s been promising me for years.

He said I would get a great birthday present. Instead, he gave it to someone else. I want to punch him.

In the junk.

With a chair.

And lastly,

A huge brush fire started a half a mile from my house. We currently have 7% humidity and since the area where the fire is raging is a nature preserve, none of it can be trimmed back due to E.P.A. regulations — even after the fire is extinguished. So, we also get the bonus of severe flooding when the rains hit again.

Which also means, more work for our emergency personnel and more damage for those living in the flood plain. Because this makes perfect sense to our government agencies: don’t disturb the habitat and pay thousands or millions to clean it up after the natural disaster, when said disaster could have been avoided by a simple clean prior to the rains. Or the dry season.

Our tax dollars at work.

Here’s a video I took of the fire, both from up the street and my backyard:



They say that “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”. And while I was growing up, it did. I remember it pouring rain every year on my birthday. But since my late teens, that hasn’t happened. It’s cold, dry and windy now. Or warm, dry and windy. Today, it was the latter, with a raging wildfire thisclose to my house to boot. Let’s not forget about the drastic budget and spending cuts enacted by our idiot POTUS that will negatively affect nearly every citizen of our country.

The only part of the month of March that could be considered “out like a lamb” is the fact that Easter is on the 31st this year.

Happy birthday to me. OY.

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  1. Faythe says:

    well spittttt! can’t things ever go right? add a #4… I am late with sending you wishes for a wonderful 42nd year on this orb we call home. (sorry, hope hubby made up some of the bad stuff with a treat or 3?) it must of been scary with the fire so close! we had a brush fire run between ours & a neighbors house, we have lots of pine trees and there was plenty of dead leaves to add to the fuel… it got much closer to the neighbors house than ours & she was home alone & freaked! we were at the house on the other side of us helping her put in a new patio door… so until the firetrucks arrived we had no idea… Yikers!
    the so called anointed ones in Washington are driving this country to hell in a raggedy old paper sack. I can’t even stand to listen to the news ect anymore…

  2. Shan says:

    Thank you, Faythe!

    Ok, having a brush fire run between my home and the neighbor’s house? Yeah, I’d have been outta there like a shot. What we had was too close for comfort, but to have actual flames licking the foundation? OH HELL NO! LOL

    I’m glad your house was OK in the end, though.

    Can we fire the government already?
    Shan recently posted..I Got Your Funny Right Here!: When Cartoons Go BadMy Profile

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